About me

I have been interested in wildlife and all aspects of nature for as long as I can remember, with some of my earliest recollections being watching the fascinating underwater films of Hans & Lotte Hass in the late 1950s and some of Anglia Television's award-winning 'Survival' natural history programmes in the early 1960s.

During my mid-late 20s I became an enthusiastic birder (I was even a 'twitcher' for a while!) and travelled throughout the UK to see birds and to visit nature reserves from as far afield as Cornwall and Kent to Scotland.

At that time I also developed an interest in wildlife photography but couldn't afford any decent equipment and, with a few exceptions, managed to get consistently poor results with a Practika 35mm SLR camera and a 400mm Tamron lens. In those pre-digital days the processing costs of slides and prints also made the cost of achieving only a few good shots out of perhaps 3 or 4 rolls of film prohibitively expensive and so eventually I abandoned any hope of becoming a successful wildlife photographer but continued to enjoy observing and studying birds and other wildlife, especially in and around my local area here in rural Cambridgeshire.

Then along came digital photography and, having reached a stage in life when I could at last afford some decent equipment, my interest in photographing wildlife was renewed. It has since developed into something beyond a mere hobby and some of the subsequent results are shown on this website - hopefully for your enjoyment.

I should mention that none of my wildlife photographs have been taken at zoos, animal rescue centres, safari or so-called 'wildlife' parks, falconry/bird of prey centres or similar establishments. I have very little enthusiasm for taking photographs of captive subjects and there are none on this website - apart from the few images featuring in my 'Pets, Livestock & Domesticated Animals' and 'Country Pursuits' Galleries.

In my opinion, true 'Wildlife Photography' - as opposed to the more broadly defined term 'Nature Photography' - is all about capturing images of creatures that are wild and free and with the essential elements of good fieldcraft skills, some knowledge of the subject's behaviour/habitat and infinite patience usually playing a major part. I should add that for me the 'golden rule' of Wildlife Photography is that the interests and wellbeing of the subject MUST always come first.

In recent years I have been quite successful in exhibiting and selling my work through this website and at various locations in the Cambridgeshire area and, since taking early retirement from my former full-time occupation in June 2009, I have been a near full-time 'semi-professional' photographer - including giving 'Illustrated Talks' and undertaking 'Commissions, Editorial and other Commercial work' - for more information see the main webpages bearing these titles on the menu aside.

And although there is always something new to learn about the art and technical aspects of photography, my passion for the natural world and the pleasure to be gained from being able to observe and sometimes to photograph just a few of its many aspects is as great as ever.